Book Review Seriously Sassy!

I am reading a book called Seriously sassy by Maggi Gibson. It is about a girl called sassy. She likes to save the planet. Her dad is in an election and Sassy has to be good for three weeks so she can get a demo disk for her songs. She has been naughty a couple of times but her dad has still let her have her demo disk. Sassy likes a guy called Magnus and Magnus likes Sassy. In the end things don’t work out between them. Sassy’s two best friends are Cordelia and Taslima. Cordelia is a goth and Taslima loves to solve problems and can make people forget about bad things on their minds.

Sassy lives next to a wood called Bluebell wood and people are going to cut it down. Sassy knows she has to save the wood but she will blow her chances for her demo disk There is only one more day to the election.

When sassy went to school the next day she put up posters for people to meet her at Bluebell wood so they can stop the people from cutting down the wood. They go up the trees so the people can’t cut down the trees. In the end Sassy stops the people from cutting down the trees but she doesn’t get her demo disk. 

I loved this book and recommend it to other students.


My Avatar!

My avatar sort of looks like me. She has light brown hair with blue eyes and so do I. Some of her likes and dislikes are like mine as well. A couple of things we don’t have in common is that I don’t have long hair and a fringe. She is also older than me. I’m only eleven years old. Her different likes are horse riding, tennis and  painting. her favourite thing to do in her spare time is read.

Facts about me!

My name is Zarah. I enjoy doing gymnastics, netball, swimming and bike riding. My favourite thing to do in my spare time is to do art or drawing. I love to go overseas to places like New Zealand, Queensland and Bali (Indonesia). In Bali I love to do Snorkeling, shopping and swimming. I like to go to New Zealand and Queensland to see my family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Another Gym Competition! :)

On the twenty eighth of August I had a gym competition. It was a state competition so I versed all the other gym clubs in the state. It was a team event and an individual event. I got three medals. Two thirds for bars and overall and one gold for team overall. This year we have had four competitions and we don’t have anymore. (yeah!)


For the last two weeks we have been doing learn to swim. We go to the aquatic centre. So far we have been doing tests such as wearing clothes in  the water for our survival swim, and another for our strokes such as freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and survival backstroke. We only have one more day left and qwe are going to do some fun stuff.